Sept 7th & 8th, 2019
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What Others Have To Say About Us

"Being a bit of numbers geek, I truly appreciate a fully integrated financial model. Your model is fantastic. I'd like to meet the artist who created this masterpiece! It breaks everything down to the unit economics and is highly intuitive."
 --- Matt

"An amazing group of people who are genuine and honest and willing to share their experiences to help others to fulfill their purpose and leave a legacy."
--- Cassie B

"This is a great event to provide a firm foundation in multifamily syndication. Now I can’t stop thinking multifamily."
 --- Christopher

"Tamiel and Mark are incredible individuals and want nothing more than to see other succeed. I know it popped up unexpected but if you are interested in learning the industry, there is no better teacher than these two."
---Tyler Gunter

"I truly love what you're doing and think the team and program you've put together is fantastic. Your family oriented values shine very bright as the interaction between your wife and kids are amazing. I believe that you're building an insurmountable platform for anyone who's looking to involve themselves in multifamily."
--- Courtney

Topics That Will Be Covered Are... 
  • How to Invest in Apartments while working Full-Time
  • Finding Additional Sources of Money to Invest
  • The Role of a Passive Investor and Your Legal Rights
  • Multifamily vs. Other Investments - (pros/cons to multifamily investing)
  • Self-Directed IRA vs. Solo 401K vs. QRP - (knowing the difference could save you thousands of dollars in taxes)
  • Syndication - How to Raise Capital to take your Investing Portfolio to the next level
  • How to know if your investment is on track
  • How to Find & Analyze Deals
  • and much more... - All Rights Reserved - License Agreement